Who we are

We are the Representative of Shizuoka Prefectural Government of Japan in South East Asia. Shizuoka Division, Jetro Singapore was established in July 1988 and have been actively involved in economic, business and cultural exchanges between Shizuoka Prefecture and the countries in ASEAN and Oceania.

Our Vision

To enhance the relationship between Japan and Asia and to have a better understanding of each other through the various types of exchanges.

Our Mission

1. Economic Exchanges

We are collecting and providing information on economic situation and investment environment in ASEAN, Oceania and Japan in order to activate the economic exchange within this area.

2. Business Exchanges

We are encouraging the Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Shizuoka to expand their international business by supporting missions, business matchings and enquiries. We are also supporting the SMEs in ASEAN and Oceania in enhancing their business relationship with Shizuoka companies.

3. Cultural Exchanges

We are supporting various types of exchanges, for example cultural and educational exchanges between Polytechnics in Singapore and high schools in Shizuoka.