Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the 47 Prefectures in Japan. We are blessed with a bounty of beautiful nature, a rich historical and cultural heritage, a mild climate and extremely convenient traffic accessibility. Its surface area is 7,779km3 (3,003 square miles), and has a population of 3,782,760 (as of September 1, 2000), which is equivalent to 3% of the total Japanese population. It ranks 10th among the 47 prefectures. More Info

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Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, with Mt. Fuji in the north, and Suruga Bay and Pacific Ocean in the south. Within its boundaries, stretching 155km (96 miles) from east to west and 118km (73 miles) from north to south with a full range of Japanese geography, ocean, mountains and lakes.